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Innovative Wealth Management Platform
Arda.Works Experts helped the FinTech startup to develop a new solution for Wealth Management industry: a managed account for wealth professionals, who are willing to offer their clients unique, innovative financial products such as peer-to-peer loans or tokenised assets as a part of investment allocation.

The project started from a full User Experience journey modelling workshop, wireframing and design.

Subsequently, we helped to develop:
‣ JavaScript and Python-based RESTful API
‣ Multiple integrations
‣ React.JS-based web application
‣ Native iOS app

Our work helped the Client to win a spot in a major London-based VC's accelerator and win multiple awards.
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Unique Food Delivery Model
Our experienced team of designers, business analysts, developers and quality assurance specialists helped the Client to introduce a unique solution for food take out market: Food Ordering and Restaurant Management System integrated with strategically located food storage unit where clients could take out their orders.

Our experts joined our Client's team right after the initial idea where born, and helped to finalise the proposition, develop UI/UX journeys and designs. We have then implemented a solution based on cutting-edge microservices architecture along with a unique bespoke software-hardware bridge between the system and the food storage units.

The result of our collaboration were:
‣ iOs/Android Flutter client mobile applications
‣ Angular Web client for restaurants
‣ Golang RESTful API
‣ Golang-based bespoke integration module with storage units
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Payment Provider Migration
Our Client, a major entertainment center chain, approached us with a request to analyse their current payment infrastructure and to help optimise the fees they are paying to their existing payment service provider.

Together we have assessed the existing payment flow and its technical implementation, analysed available alternatives taking into account all aspects of migration, maintenance, and prospective growth.

We then moved on to implementation, accomplishing:

‣ Significant refactoring of the current technical implementation, using software development abstraction ensuring that the Client's payment infrastructure is provider-agnostic
‣ Integration of Adyen payment gateway into the existing .NET backend
‣ Adaptation of Xamarin.iOS application to ensure compatibility with Adyen's flow
‣ Amendment of the web-application to implement Adyen's recommended payment UX flow
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