Payment Provider Migration. Case Study.
Our client, a major entertainment centre chain, approached us with a request to analyse their current payment infrastructure and to help optimise the fees they are paying to the existing payment service provider.

Together, we have assessed the existing payment flow and its technical implementation, analysed available alternatives taking into account all aspects of migration, maintenance, and prospective growth.

We then moved on to implementation, accomplishing:

‣ Significant refactoring of the current technical implementation, using software development abstraction ensuring that the Client's payment infrastructure is provider-agnostic
‣ Integration of Adyen payment gateway into the existing .NET backend
‣ Adaptation of Xamarin.iOS application to ensure compatibility with Adyen's flow
‣ Amendment of the web-application to implement Adyen's recommended payment UX flow
3 Weeks
UAT & Handover
2 Weeks
9 Weeks
Arda Process Blueprint & Payment Provider Migration
During our initial joint-assessment and discovery exercise with the client, we have established significant shortcomings of the existing, rigid and provider-centric infrastructure. The client has requested a complete overhaul of the existing architectural schemes.

We have provided four alternative suggestions with detailed technical descriptions, architectural diagrams and the cost/benefit analysis. Finally, a joint decision was made in favour of Adyen as the best fit, based on our Client's strategy and implementation costs.

The final, flexible and scalable solution was successfully implemented, preparing our customer's infrastructure for the future growth.

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