Build a highly scalable managed team of expert developers, or fill any skills gaps with our Team Solutions
Tap into our network of senior developers to build the perfect team that will suit your current needs. Pick the level of control and delegation for day-to-day operations that is right for you.

Aim for perfect fit and ultimate scalability. Do not compromise.

Our Managed Team Process
We start by assigning an arda expert, a Senior Architect or Delivery Manager, who is responsible for your team's success throughout. They will discuss your expectations for future team members' experience and qualifications, your project and existing setup, and setting the goals.
We will then supply a carefully-selected shortlist of potential candidates for your future team, based on the requirements you shared with us. The final selection can be done by your dedicated arda expert, or in conjunction with your own senior stakeholders.
Project Management
Aside from your expert, our Managed Teams come with a Project Manager, who will work with you to implement your own existing project management methodology, or use our Process Blueprint to set up and efficient and highly scalable development process.
Scalability & Fit
As your business evolves, so do the project and skill requirements. With an Arda managed team, you can ensure your business evolves to rapidly-changing environments. Discuss with your arda expert at any time about the changes you want to implement and they will take care of the rest.

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