Wealth Management FinTech Product. Case Study.
Innovative WealthTech Platform
Arda.Works experts helped a FinTech startup to develop a new solution for the Wealth Management industry. This included a managed account for wealth professionals, who are willing to offer their clients unique, innovative financial products such as peer-to-peer loans, crowdfunded real estate or tokenised assets as a part of investment allocation.

The project implementation included:
‣ React.JS-based web application
‣ Native iOS app
‣ JavaScript and Python-based RESTful API,
‣ Multiple integrations with peer-to-peer lenders and cryptocurrency exchanges
2 Weeks
2 Weeks
2 Weeks
2 Weeks
8 Weeks
Arda Process Blueprint & Innovative WealthTech Platform
The project started a full user experience journey model, performed together with all the stakeholders

Technology stack:

‣ Amazon AWS Elastic Beanstalk
‣ PostgreSQL database
‣ Python 3.4
‣ React.JS
‣ Node.JS
‣ Swift

Our work helped the Client to win a spot in a major London-based VC's accelerator and win multiple awards.

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